Redtail Tamarin Wrasse

Species information for the Redtail Tamarin Wrasse, in the Wrasses category.

  1. FAMILY - Labridae

    SCIENTIFIC NAME - Anampses chrysocephalus

    COMMON NAME – Redtail Tamarin Wrasse

    SIZE – 7 in (18 cm)

    RANGE - Hawaii

    MIN. AQUARIUM SIZE – 90 gal (341 L)

    CARE LEVEL - Expert

    TEMPERAMENT - Peaceful

    FOODS AND FEEDING - It often refuses to eat in captivity, but if you can get it to eat it should be fed a variety of high quality meaty marine foods. It normally eats small invertebrates, especially small crustaceans, it finds on the rockwork.

    AQUARIUM SUITABILITY – Please leave this fish in the ocean


    CAPTIVE CARE – The Redtail Tamarin wrasse is the female of the species Anampses chrysocephalus, the male goes by the name of Psychedelic Wrasse. This fish will fight with members of its own species, but is peaceful towards other fish. The Psychedelic wrasse doesn’t have a record of success in the home aquarium. If you are going to attempt to keep this difficult fish, you should have a large aquarium with plenty of rock and small crustaceans for it to eat. They also require a sand bed of at least 3 inches to burrow in at night. Wrasses are known jumpers so the aquarium top should be covered.

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